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Torri the Green Sea Turtle:

A Trilogy of Eco-Adventures


These are delightful children’s books suitable for the 5 to 10 year old and include a full audio soundscape and casted narration with music composed and produced specifically for the series by David Pye, Musical Director of the Fremantle Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to a subtle eco-message, the series promotes and models self-belief and emotional resilience as the young reader travels with Torri on her adventures.

Each book contains a range of “reef raps and rhythms” that support and extend the storyline. The illustrations are derived from real life photographs, sometimes embellished with fantasy.

The eco-facts behind each story are accessible from our website, making this a very rich reading experience for the youngster and a great educational resource. The book is tailored to be multi-accessed: listened to, read alone, read-with or to-me

T1 hard cover.jpg

Torri: Book 1

T2 hard cover.jpg

Torri: Book 2

T3 hard cover.jpg

Torri: Book 3

Now available as:

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