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This fascinating ground-breaking book is the second in a trilogy of children's books.  The series includes an amazing audiobook

along with each of the magnificently illustrated printed books.  Children can listen to Torri and her sea creature friends, 

and hear the sounds of a healthy reef.  This book can be read like any other traditional children's book, or the reader

can be immersed in the narration and sound-scape as they follow Torri's tale and journeys. These interactive features 
are accessed via embedded QR codes or weblinks - including wonderful music composed for the series and video clips.

Printed book ISBN: 978-1-925198-03-4

 © All music is copyright RenBro Publishing

After finally arriving at the spectacular Ningaloo Reef, Torri makes some wonderful new friends and catches up with Serafin, a very special friend from her hatchling days. Torri spends some time getting to know Narto, a fine young green sea turtle and together they surf, explore and get ready for
that biggest of events – Torri laying her first clutch of eggs.
Torri then continues her adventures on the Reef including
meeting an Aboriginal child who helps her to recognise
her ancient ancestry and primal energy.


It is then time to help her hatchlings make the dangerous journey from the sand dunes to the safety of the ocean. With the help of her sea creature friends, Torri guides her youngsters out to sea, but then has to say
goodbye ­– it is time to continueher journey  ...
but she does not do this alone!

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