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This final book is the third in a trilogy of children's books.  The series includes an amazing audiobook along

with each of the magnificently illustrated printed books.  Children can listen to Torri and her sea creature friends, 

and hear the sounds of a healthy reef.  This book can be read like any other traditional children's book, or the reader

can be immersed in the narration and sound-scape as they follow Torri's tale and journeys. These interactive features 
are accessed via embedded QR codes or weblinks - including wonderful music composed for the series and video clips.

Printed book ISBN: 978-1-925198-06-5

 © All music is copyright RenBro Publishing

 © All music is copyright RenBro Publishing

Torri and two of her turtle youngsters, Zelmo and Purtle, leave Ningaloo and head north knowing that there will be many good deeds to be done and that they will find eco-adventure along the way. They soon meet
up with Wilma the whale shark who becomes a great travelling companion and part of the team who help out with the
sometimes tricky eco-work.


There are delightful marine experiences shared with various sea creatures, scary times to be overcome and lots of rescuing of marine life from hazards and harm. The value of cooperation and team work is proven, along with the power of self-belief and ancient wisdom. Torri’s rainbow shell and
her Aboriginal art form shell frequently shine through as she
carries out her eco-work. This is the final book in the trilogy
and reinforcesand brings to climax the themes of the
two earlier Torri books.

Now available as a
state-of-the-art ebook
with animations! (click here)

large-format pdf
(click here)

Just click on the buttons to follow the CSIRO's
turtle and whale shark tagging programs.

You can find out exactly where the real life Torri has travelled ... and is right now.  You can also follow
the journey of several whale sharks.


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