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Book 2 in a trilogy of Eco-Adventures!

After finally arriving at the spectacular Ningaloo Reef, Torri is making some wonderful new friends and catching up with Serafin, a very special friend from her hatchling days. Torri spends some time getting to know Narto, a fine male green sea turtle, and together they surf, explore and get ready for that biggest of events. There is much adventure and fun to be had…


This book, like all in the series, can be read like any other traditional children's book, or the reader can be immersed in the narration and sound-scape as they follow Torri's tale and journeys. These interactive features are accessed via embedded QR codes or weblinks - including wonderful music composed for the series and video clips.

Torri and Friends at Ningaloo Reef Book 2

GST Included
  • This book includes a fully narrated audiobook, complete with original composed soundscape to complement the story. It can be downloaded using the QR code or weblink inside the front cover.

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