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Eat Well Be Well: Manage Infammation Manage Your Health is available here as an updated and expanded  digital version of the printed book.  It is a large-format, full-colour book.  This means it is highly image and graphic intensive, and best viewed on a large screen device such as a laptop or desktop computer.  


The initial view of the book will be as double-page spreads; this is the recommended way to read the book if your screen is large enough.  Otherwise, you can choose a single-page layout in your pdf reader.


Note that this is not an epub book; the graphically rich content does not lend itself to resizing and reflowing of text and images. The pdf format used for this book ensures that every reader sees the content in the way that the author and publisher intended.

Eat Well Be Well

GST Included
  • pdf format, 256 pages, full-colour, large format (210mm x 260mm)

  • Price is GST inclusive

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