My Way to the Seven Seas, by MARTINÊS ROCHA DE SOUZA

A new generation book. An extraordinary story of youth adventure, achievement and resilience ... where the print on the page is brought to life through amazing online photos and film.

Enjoy this interactive multimedia experience - you can read the story ... you can also actually visit the places and see the people that Martinês encounters. By using the QR codes and web links throughout this book, you can watch Martinês’ videos and share in what he experienced on his personal journey and travels.

My Way to the Seven Seas

  • A young and poor Martinês left his home in a small village in Brazil with little education. As this book goes to print, he has visited some 80 countries and hundreds of cities, and is a successful, respected employee of the most prestigious ocean liner company in the world. He is also the proud owner of a hotel in Brazil.

    Martinês shares funny, touching and courageous stories of his experience of a life worth living. He had never expected to achieve so much; this book invites you to follow his
    journey of self-discovery as he travels the world.

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