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This book is much more than a cookbook! 

Eat Well Be Well— Manage Inflammation, Manage Your Health spells out the essentials of good nutrition along with the workings of the gut and how managing inflammation fits into the picture of promoting better health and wellbeing.


You will find this an easy to read step-by-step guide that explains the principles of eating for wellness. This book will set you on the path to improving your health and ensure it is long-lasting.

Matthew Simpson provides a range of great recipes and good food-fare ideas— all in a clear, informative and fun way.

  • more than 240 pages of valuable information

  • enlightening diagrams

  • bright & informative illustrations 

  • delightful & educational cartoons

Recipes conveniently categorised by meal type

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Unique and easy to follow step-by-step recipes including photos.

Informative ratings for Inflammatory & Glycaemic Loading.

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